Sunday dinner at the Glenfield Night Markets

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We love re-imagined spaces and we also love great food that doesn’t cost the earth so it’s little surprise that we are in love with the Glenfield Night Markets.

The Glenfield Night Markets are held every Sunday night from 5.30pm.  The cars leave and the carpark under Countdown transforms itself into a riot of colour, music spilling out from the buskers in different parts of the carpark and the smells of pizza, fried octopus and dumplings all mingle in the air.

Glenfield Night Markets

It’s reported that some 10,000 people make their way through the markets each week and walking through the crowded aisles you can certainly believe it.

Glenfield Night Markets

But it’s different than the normal Auckland crowds.  People are happy, relaxed.  There’s no pushing or hurrying.  There are communal tables in the middle of the aisles were people not only sit and eat – they actually talk to each other.  Imagine that, just chatting to strangers (or as we prefer to call them, neighbours) as you share a meal together.  There are families with kids, couples and groups of teens – there simply is no “type” at the Glenfield Markets.

The food is as varied as the people who go there.  For the daring there are Octopus cooked every way you could imagine and much more besides.

Glenfield Night Markets

There is fried Hungarian bread…

Glenfield Night Markets

There are pork buns galore (our youngest go to treat)….

And our personal favourite, prawn dumplings….

Glenfield Night Markets

For the less daring there are chicken kebabs, pizza, ice-cream and hot dogs.

Glenfield Night Markets

We’re regular visitors now.  We take $10 each – the kids, James and I, and split up and head straight to our favourite stall.  Then we meet at a table in-between and meet some new people as we perch on our plastic chairs and listen to the music.Glenfield Night Markets

After dinner we stroll through the other stalls.  A mix of the traditional market fare – everything from jewellery, to dream catchers, to toy guns that give you a shock when you pull the trigger to cheap cases for mobile phones.

Glenfield Night Markets

It’s Auckland at it’s finest.  It’s beautifully blended – a bit like our family – and a great Sunday night out.  Maybe we’ll see you there….

Glenfield Night Markets



Cat is one half of Getting Lost. She met James (the other half of Getting Lost) when she was 12 when she was camping over summer holidays. They were best friends for 25 years before finally getting together and now they live together with her 2 daughters and his daughter. Getting Lost is their story of the amazing spots they discover around this beautiful country of ours - both together and with the kids, as well as how they are making their way through blended family life. They would love it if you would join them for the ride.


  1. Your photos you take are simply stunning! And your blended family seems nothing short of amazing. New follower here. Will one day head north and explore Auckland!

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