Huka Prawn Park Take 2 – this time with the kids

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We’ve written about the Prawn Park before when James and I visited by ourselves last year.  This time we decided to take the kids and break up our Auckland to Napier trip with a stop in at the park.

There are 4 things that we loved about our visit to Huka Prawn Park this time around.

The first is the price.  At just $69 for a family pass (with up to 5 kids – I love places that include more than 2 kids!) it is superb value and added to that you get to eat what ever you catch.

The second is the location.  For us this time Taupo wasn’t the destination, it was just a stop for the kids on the drive from Auckland to Napier so with Huka Prawn Park being so close to the main highway and not in the heart of Taupo it wasn’t a major detour.

Huka Prawn Park

The third is the number of things to do.  It’s not just about catching prawns here.  In addition to prawn fishing there is also a huge activity loop where the kids can explore and get wet, boats to take out and playgrounds.

Huka Prawn Park

Huka Prawn Park

It was around 20 degrees on the day we went so not overly hot.  There are 2 obstacle courses with water buckets overhead where the aim was to get through without getting wet.  Our kids have never been much for instructions so within seconds they were soaked and running through dripping wet while the other kids looked on dry.  I love that about our kids.  And yes they drove to Napier in a random assortment of clothes cobbled together from what wasn’t packed but they had an absolute ball.

Huka Prawn Park

The final one is that we caught prawns!!!!  6 of them to be precise.  The first time James and I went we caught none so this was a definite improvement but there is definitely still room to improve with someone over on our Facebook page saying they caught 32!

Huka Prawn Park



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