Getting lost in the lanes in Melbourne

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I’m not sure how I missed all these amazing lanes the last times I visited but somehow I did.  The lanes are absolutely incredible.

Melbourne Lanes and graffiti

Art and graffiti on a scale that is just mind-blowing with riotous outbursts of colour everywhere you looked.

Melbourne lanes

I went to find AC/DC Lane for the name alone but the art throughout the lane was simply incredible.  You could spend days exploring the lanes but we had to make do with just a morning.

AC/DC Lane Melbourne

We stumbled upon The Quarter down one of the lanes – a cozy little spot for breakfast with great coffee and food which is well worth stopping in at if you are wandering down this way.

The Quarter, Melbourne

The architecture in general is amazing in Melbourne.  We fell head over heels in love with the Forum Theatre which was just down the road from our hotel.  It has a really awesome history too – it was sold in the first Melbourne land auction in 1837.  It was originally used as a private residence (imagine that) and then has been repurposed as an iron store, coal yards, offices and a bond store.  Currently though it is a theatre and one which we really want to go back and explore some more!

Forum Theatre Melbourne

Strolling through Southbank along the Yarra River the city is different again – vibrant restaurants, bridges and more art fill the spaces and there is a general buzz everywhere you go.

Southbank Melbourne

Some of the spaces around Melbourne are just awe inspiring.  We found one space with green glass suspended from the ceiling right throughout it.  We were climbing stairs and wandering all around just to get a better look.  It’s like a playground for grown ups – exactly how a city should be!

Melbourne green glass

Just when you have wandered through a graffiti filled lane you suddenly come out on a wide street with brands like Chanel with gleaming window fronts.

Melbourne Chanel

It’s a city of extreme contrasts and definitely one to explore on foot!  It’s a city I feel like I could spend a week just exploring on foot and still not see it all!



Cat is one half of Getting Lost. She met James (the other half of Getting Lost) when she was 12 when she was camping over summer holidays. They were best friends for 25 years before finally getting together and now they live together with her 2 daughters and his daughter. Getting Lost is their story of the amazing spots they discover around this beautiful country of ours – both together and with the kids, as well as how they are making their way through blended family life. They would love it if you would join them for the ride.

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